Horse Safaris - Up Close and Personal with Nature

The Geographic Group has developed the most immersive horse safaris available.

Horse Safaris in Africa

Much like walking safaris, Horse Safaris give the rider an opportunity to enjoy what Africa has to offer without the noise of the vehicle. Let the animal do the work and you will find that there are very few obstacles that keep you from getting to where the action is. What makes horse safaris unique is wild animals see the rider and the horse as something non-threatening, allowing you to get close. Riding enthusiast will tell you that cantering alongside a heard of Zebras or a journey of Giraffe is an experience that you will never forget. When on horse safari, one can expect to spend long hours in the saddle, so experience paramount and operators prefer highly capable riders. While planning your safari, it is not uncommon to combine a Horse Safari with a more traditional vehicle safari experience.

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